• OLINSolutions, Inc., founded in 2014 by Jordan Olin, is focused on providing technology solutions to businesses looking to reduce both Capital and Operating Expenditures while enhancing their agility and productivity through the pragmatic application of Enterprise Architecture and system implementation.
  • Jordan Olin: Jordan Olin is a seasoned technologist and enterprise architect who’s career has covered building solutions involving many aspects of the information and technology spectrum including enterprise architecture, infrastructure design and implementation, software design and development, as well as commercial product creation and management.  Jordan’s experience includes senior technologist positions at high-profile startup’s, includingExchange.com (acquired by Amazon as the foundation for Marketplace) and Computer.com (successfully launched during SuperBowl XXXIV in 2000 peaking at 2.2K Hits/Sec), as well as co-architecting and implementing real-time trade-routing systems for Fidelity Investments.  He has spent the last several years focusing on helping Oracle customers identify, architect, acquire and implement enterprise-wide solutions taking advantage of Engineered Systems, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and Oracle VM.  Always a technology innovator and maverick, Jordan’s strive’s to assist customers in finding solutions that allow them to adopt disruptive technologies and solutions to increase business value.